AMable Förderaufruf – Additive Fertigung in der Produktion – Einreichungsfrist 1.3.2020


AMable calls for proposals that bring forward an innovative idea of functional products that needs Additive Manufacturing (AM) to become real. The call aims to enable SMEs to take up AM with the help of financial support and AMable Services. These services target at support and upskilling of employees in the areas of design for AM, technology development, skills and education and to support their business development.


  • Deadline: 01.03.2020
  • Eligibility: SME’s and mid-caps from the European Union
  • Experimentation types: Feasibility Studies (short time frame, low Technology Readiness Level – TRL) and Best Practice Experiments (higher TRL)
  • Experimentation teams: SME in the supplier role, for Best Practice an SME or mid-cap in the user role is needed
  • Experimentation: Innovative idea of a functional product that needs AM to become alive


  • An innovative idea for an additively manufactured functional product (product idea) where the successful realisation would be economically and technologically viable. The proposal needs to describe the product idea, its innovation and a strong business case for the European market (revenue, labour, societal impact).
  • Challenges connected to the product idea, which the proposing entity intends to resolve with the help of AMable services. The proposal needs to describe these challenges and how they are expected to be resolved by the selected services.

AMable offers AM related services through its Services Arena. These services aim to support the Experimentation Teams to increase their knowledge and competence so that the Experimentation Team is able to come to a state where the product idea has a design that is additively manufacturable. Each experiment team must choose at least one Amable service from the list below:

  • 306 Design for AM
  • 307 Visualization/Immersive design
  • 308 Modelling, Simulation and HPC
  • 309 Data Analytics for AM
  • 310 Data acquisition (Build)
  • 311 Robotics in AM
  • 312 Industrialization of AM
  • 313 Quality assurance and certification
  • 314 Post-processing
Dr. Ana Teresa Tomás
Projektmanager Innovation
Industrielle Produktion
Tel +49 30 46302-190
Jens Woelki
Projektmanager EEN
Industrielle Produktion
Tel +49 30 46302-259


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