3rd Conference on 3D Printing in Medicine

This year’s conference will also be used to further shape the Society for 3D Printing in Medicine, launched last year.
With already more than 90 members the society will be a strong player in this exciting field and will help to stimulate research, interdisciplinary exchange, commercialization and teaching in all related fields. As 3D printing for biomedical applications is a highly multidisciplinary research topic the society locates itself at the interfaces between the different disciplines.

It will support exchange of knowledge and experiences and help to translate between the different special ‘languages’.
Of crucial importance is the integration of clinicians as the proposed end-users of 3D printing in medicine as they are the ones defining current needs and interesting new potential applications.
The 3rd Conference on 3D Printing in Medicine will be the optimal opportunity to learn about newest developments in the field, to meet colleagues and friends – and also to join the new society!

Hot Topics:

  • Intelligent Materials and Biofabrication
  • Blood Vessels and Soft Tissue
  • General meeting „3D Printing in Medicine“
  • OMF and Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedic Application

Program for the Dental Day will follow soon!

Futher information

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